If you are a person who gets frequent attacks of cold and cough every changing weather, homeopathy is the answer to your health condition.

Homeopathy can effectively address the conditions of cold and cough with considering the individualistic symptoms.

Usually, what complaints we see during the monsoon season is often observed to be complaints of cold and cough,

Monsoons bring a lot of challenges for the patients or the individuals suffering with cold and cough a challenging time in their lives.

If you are on any medications for cold and cough such as anti-allergic or anti-biotics, these can provide temporary relief to you, but even after completion of the course you don’t see result, this is mostly suggestive as the syndrome of dependency of these drugs, which are in a way very unhealthy and can be harmful in the long run.

Homeopathic medicines are great boon to human for addressing cold and cough. And treating them to a complete extent.

There are different causes of cold and cough , in which the most common cause is the virus Influenza  A, B & C. Out of these Type A & B are the ones which can cause seasonal  outbreaks of  cold and cough . While there are more than 100 types of viruses that can cause influenza.

The symptoms of influenza are totally agitating for individuals who get the symptoms to frequent and they can lead to tiredness, fatigue, head ache, restlessness, fever, and frequent bouts of sneezing, continuous watery discharge from the nostril, blockage of nose. It is quite unbearable for the patients who suffer with the problems of cold and cough, especially the recurrent attacks of the same.

Cold and cough sees a good resort in homeopathy, as the medicines which are given to the patient are totally designed according to the patient’s own characteristic symptoms.

Pathogenesis of cold and cough lies in the bodies T cells proliferation of the lymphnodes around the lungs and throat. This causes swelling and pain in these lymph nodes. After a few days, these T – cells move to the lungs and begin to kill the virus – infected cells.

There was also an era where in Flu was also considered as Epidemic Disease.

Eventually the immune system goes down, if a patient is suffering with recurrent cold and cough, in such cases the immune system becomes so weak that it is not able to fight with the infections happening again and again.

Homeopathic treatment for cold is the best mode in treating the cases of recurrent cold and cough.

Best homeopathic medicines are selected by the homeopath after considering the overall condition of the patient and the characteristic symptoms given by the patient and individualistic symptoms.

Cold and cough usually involves inflammatory process, homeopathic medicines act on a deeper level and reduces the inflammation and make sure the disease is removed from the root level.

There are medicines in homeopathy which can be given to the patients in different stages of cold and cough, I.e the cold and cough can be effectively addressed with the stages of the disease and each characteristic symptoms.

Characteristic symptoms means in cold and cough are those which can be different in different individuals, for e.g. few patient might have yellow discharge or some might have white discoloration of the cough, some may also suffer with hoarseness of voice, soreness of throat, breathing difficulty and stuffy nose.

The symptoms can be different in the different stages of the diseases.

Homeopathic medicines that are most commonly used in treating the cold and cough are :

Phosphorus :

This homeopathy medicine is provided to people suffering from dry cough, which increases in the morning or evening or when talking, eating, laughing, or breathing cold air.

Kali bichromicum: This medicine is used during later stages of cold and nasal discharge. It is also effective on other symptoms of cold and cough like stubborn congestion, swollen eyelids or sticky discharge from the nose.

Gelsemium: Gelsemium is prescribed for a cold with flu-like symptoms e.g. body ache, heaviness throughout the body, fatigue, restlessness, and chills.

Mercurius Solubilis: Mercurius Solubilis is excellent for treating creeping chilliness, frequent sneezing, sore throat, heavy salivation, bad mouth odour, and ear pain.

Allium cepa: Allium cepa is for treating streaming cold accompanied by sneezing and watery eyes. This medicine is effective in treating cold when the person’s eyes are not burning, but the discharge from the nose is.

Aconite: This medicine is prescribed in the early stages of cold and cough after exposure to cold or dry weather. It is usually given in the first 24 hours of high fever and restlessness.

Homeopathic medicines selected by best homeopath can be a boon to the individuals suffering with the recurrent cold and cough.




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