Myths about Hemorrhoids (Piles)Hemorrhoids or piles are the swollen, inflamed veins (blood vessels) of rectum found around the anal region. The topic of hemorrhoids is not discussed easily in polite society because of its symptoms and the area which is affected by it. This lack of free discussion about the disease in public gives rise to many myths associated with hemorrhoids. The myths become so much deep rooted in the minds of people that eventually, the myths turn into facts in the minds of people and they live their life with the disease and the myths about it.

Here, we will see some of the most common myths related with hemorrhoids.

  • Only men get hemorrhoids!:This belief is absolutely false and baseless. Men or women both can get affected by hemorrhoids anytime in their life if they lead a faulty lifestyle, if they sufferfrom chronic constipation, if there is lack of enough fibers and excessive presence of junk food in their daily diet. In fact, females bear higher risk of developing hemorrhoids during pregnancy.
  • Eating high fiber vegetarian diet makes one immune to hemorrhoids: This is not true. It is right that if you are suffering from hemorrhoids, you should take more of fibers in the form of vegetables and salads in your daily diet. But, fruits and vegetables never make an individual immune to it. They may reduce the risk and chances of developing hemorrhoids but they cannot act as a vaccine and protect the individual against developing hemorrhoids.
  • Hemorrhoids can cause colon cancer: Hemorrhoids cannot cause colon cancer but the symptom of hemorrhoids and symptoms of rectal cancer are very similar. This similarity masks the underlying cancer of the rectum or colon. So, it is very important to get treated for hemorrhoids as soon as they develop.
  • Permanent cure of hemorrhoids is not possible: Hemorrhoids is a disease condition which is known for recurrence. So, people may think that the disease cannot be treated permanently. But, today the scenario has changed. With the new techniques of surgery like stapler hemorrhidectomy complete and permanent solution to the problem is available.
  • Hemorrhoids always bleed profusely: This belief is not true. Hemorrhoids are of two types. Bleeding hemorrhoids and non –bleeding hemorrhoids or the blind piles. The blind hemorrhoids feel like protruding masses at the opening of the anus after passing stools.
  • Only older people get affected by hemorrhoids: Although, disease is seen in large numbers in old people, it cannot be said that only older people can get hemorrhoids. The fact is anyone who leads a sedentary life, eats fewer fibers and more junk, can suffer from hemorrhoids irrespective of the age.
  • Surgery is the only option to get rid of hemorrhoids: surgery is one of the options for the treatment of hemorrhoids but it is not the only option. Homeopathic medicines play a significant role in treating hemorrhoids.Especially, if the treatment is started in early stages and along with lifestyle modification and diet modification.

This is all about the overall myths and misconceptions that surround the disease called as hemorrhoids. An important point to note about hemorrhoids is that homeopathy offers an excellent treatment for this and surgery could be avoided in most mild to moderate cases.


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