chyluria-urineAt first, she couldn’t believe it. Even after the first few hours, Naseem couldn’t shake off her shock on seeing her urine – it was absolutely like milk! When she visited her local physician, he explained that this could be a condition called Chyluria.

What is Chyluria?

Chyulria is a medical condition in which there is passage of chyle via your urine, making your urine appear milky white. Chyle is a body fluid which contains fat and lymph and is formed in the digestive system during digestion of fats.

What are the Causes of Chyluria?

The causes of turbid white urine or chyluria can be any of the below:

  1. The most common cause is parasites. These parasites may be commonly the roundworm that causes Filariasis, the tape worm or parasites causing malaria.
  2. Other than parasites, infections may be a cause, of which Tuberculosis (TB) is common.
  3. A passage may get formed between the duct carrying chyle after a surgery like removal of part or whole of the kidney, after an injury, a procedure called PCNL to remove kidney stones or a procedure in which a tube (called catheter) is put to your heart through a blood vessel in your arm, neck or thigh.
  4. Certain conditions like nephrotic syndrome (a kidney disease), increased fat (triglyceride) levels in your blood, abscesses (pus accumulation), aneurysm (swelling of the blood vessel wall) are also one of the known causes of turbid white urine.
  5. Cancers like those involving blood vessels of the kidney or lymph vessels are also known to be a cause of chyluria.
  6.  Sometimes, the cause for the chyluria may be present since birth like abnormal formation of the lymph vessels or abnormal openings and connections of the lymph vessels which cause leakage of the lymphatic fluid into the urinary system.

What next?

The cause of turbid white urine can be known after performing certain tests like urine examination, biochemical analysis, visualizing the urinary bladder (cysto-urethroscopy), studying the flow of urine from the kidney to the bladder (retrograde pyelography), studying the lymph vessels (lymphangiography) and few others. These tests help identify the cause of chyluria so that treatment can be undertaken accordingly.

Can homeopathic treatment for chyluria help?

Of all these causes of chyluria, homeopathic treatment can help when the chyluria is caused by parasites, injury, tuberculosis infection, pus accumulation etc. In cases where the chyluria is caused by a cancer, homeopathy may have only a supportive role to play. When the chyluria is caused due to structural abnormalities that are present since birth, homeopathy may not have much of a role to play.

Dr Rajesh Shah’s homeopathic treatment at LifeForce has benefitted many people. To know more about the causes of chyluria and homeopathic treatment for chyluria, click here. If you too would like to know if homoeopathy can help your particular case of chyluria, do get in touch with Dr Shah’s associate doctors at+91-22-66888888. You may also email your reports to
– Dr Amrita Sodhi, Associate Doctor to Dr Rajesh Shah, Team LifeForce.


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