Do You Have A Low immunity? Give A Try To Meditation

Immunity, which is the immune system of our body, protects us from various harmful organisms and diseases. It is our body defense mechanism that works against various odds. It is very important to have a strong immunity in these times to lead a healthy and happy life, and the maintenance of immunity lies in our hands. Even if you are consuming good food and following a healthy lifestyle, you may have low immunity, however, don’t worry, it can easily be corrected by a simple tool of Meditation.
Meditation is a state of equilibrium with mind, body, and soul. It creates a sense of positive vibes in mind, thereby helping your immune system to enhance. It results in mindfulness thus resulting in positive emotions and awareness.
Here are some tips which you can follow along with medication to enhance your immunity.
Along with the meditation, you can follow the following tips
1.Be regular with meditation, at least once or twice in a day, either in the evening or morning
2.Manage your stress, as it directly affects your immunity.
3.Follow a balanced healthy diet
4.Never skip or miss any of your meals.
5.Get enough sleep for at least 8 hours.
6.Maintain personal hygiene.

Along with these basic steps, meditation will help you strengthen every aspect of mind and body connection, ultimately improving and developing a strong immune system.

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