Adenoids are the patch of tissues located behind the mouth and nose. They usually perform the function of trapping the foreign elements coming into the body through the mouth and nose. It is also called the pharyngeal or nasopharyngeal tonsil. Its exact location is found to be in the back of the nasopharynx above and behind the uvula.

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Adenoid Hypertrophy:
Enlarged or inflamed adenoids also cause an obstruction or uncomfortable feeling while breathing through the nose, particularly in children. And, thus, the inhalation occurs through an open mouth. These kinds of hypertrophied adenoids may also obstruct the airways to vocal nodules, thereby causing a change in the voice tone and nature. Uncommon growth with inflammation of adenoids also leads to snoring symptoms in children due to blockage or air pathway through nostrils.

3 Homeopathic Remedies with Its Indications:
1.Agraphis Nutans:
It is a specific remedy for Adenoids. It treats the symptoms, such as catarrhal conditions. Agraphic Nutans relieves the obstruction of the nostrils, particularly resulting due to adenoids, and throat deafness. Its effect is felt towards the root of the nose. Amelioration from the shelter is a leading indication. It also corresponds to the chill from the cold winds. Adenoids with enlarged tonsils and frequently accompanying dentition following a suppressed cold indicate this remedy.

2.Calcarea Carb:
Adenoids and the swelling of tonsils and submaxillary glands, difficulty in swallowing, hawking-up of mucus, goiter, and parotid fistula indicate this remedy to treat adenoids. When the discomfort turns worse due to exertion, no matter whether it’s mental or physical and complaints increase, this medicine may help. When the patient’s complaints aggravated due to the cold in every form of moist air, water, wet weather, washing, while standing, and during the full moon, this remedy may help. The patient may feel relief by being in the dry climate, sneezing, and lying on the painful side.

3.Cistus Canadensis: It is an effective deep-acting anti-psoric remedy that causes a marked action in glandular affections, chronic swellings, and herpetic eruptions when the patient is quite sensitive to the cold. Scrofulous ophthalmia, the sensation of coldness in various body parts, phagedenic ulcers, poisoned wounds, bites, and malignant disease of the glands of the neck indicate this remedy. Cistus has an affinity for nasopharynx, it aborts colds that centers in the posterior nose.

I hope my blog is informative to the readers. So, if you or your child happens to suffer from adenoids complaint, count on homeopathy without a second thought and obtain relief.

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