The agony of being detected with cancer is beyond imagination. The fear, the pain, and the sufferings of the affected individual cannot be put into words. The person feels devastated & completely shattered.

Life expectancy numbers can’t exactly predict how long a person with cancer is going to live. You may find that the life expectancy of an affected individual with a particular type of cancer is often stated as a five-year survival rate. This doesn’t mean that survivors live five more years only, it is just a statistical data based on the experimental studies.

The longevity of a cancer patient can be enhanced unpredictably with some important measures when followed timely. A few of them are mentioned below.

4 Important Measures To Follow Timely To Enhance Longevity Unpredictably:

  1. Cancer Screenings: Cancer screenings in the cases where there is a strong family history of the disease involved, which means getting oneself medically investigated by an oncologist even before getting affected by the dreaded disease.
  2. Early Diagnosis & Quality Treatment: Early diagnosis & quality treatment for the prevention of metastasis & prevention of progressing to the next stage.

Most cancers are known to have four stages i.e. stage I (one) to the stage IV (four). Certain cancers also have a stage 0 (zero).

  • Stage 0: This stage of cancer i.e. (stage 0) describes cancer in situ, which means “in place.” Stage 0 cancers are still located in the place where they have started developing and have not spread to the nearby tissues. Often, this stage of cancer (i.e. stage 0) is known to be highly curable, which can be usually cured by removing the entire tumor by performing a surgery.
  • Stage I: This stage is usually a small tumor which has not grown deeply into nearby tissues. Also, it has not spread to the lymph nodes or other parts of the body. It is often called early-stage cancer.
  • Stage II and III: These stages indicate larger cancers or tumors which have grown more deeply into the nearby tissue. They may have also spread to the lymph nodes but not to other parts of the body.
  • Stage IV: Stage IV indicates that cancer has spread to the other parts or other organs of the body. Also, it is known as an advanced or metastatic cancer.

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  1. Managing After Effects Of The Conventional Treatment On The Mind & Body: Maintaining physical & emotional well-being, talking with the loved ones and trusted friends, and the advice of a counselor may help in dealing with the stress of cancer.
  2. Having an economical, affordable supportive treatment.

The conventional treatments for cancer are no doubt the most trusted ones, which include Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy. These treatments not only destroy the cancer cells but also renders a damage to the surrounding tissues which adds to the distress of the patient. The intolerable pains make the sufferings of the patient even worse. The only resort is painkillers, which dampen the pain but are full of side-effects.

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Homeopathic medicines in such cases are a great addition to the domain of medicines. They can be quite effective in relieving the pains without causing any side-effects. Homeopathy can help in improving the general well-being of the patient.

A cancer patient largely suffers from depression, anxiety, fear, and despair. Homeopathy can help the individual to cope up in a better way. Homeopathic medicines may also help in preventing and slowing down the spread of the disease to other organs.

Homeopathic medicines can be taken along with the allopathic treatment, and this proves to be a great tool in the management of cancer in the gentlest way & far more economical & affordable to the mankind.

So, if you or any of your acquaintances need the gentlest, economical, and safest treatment for cancer to alleviate the sufferings, count on homeopathy without a second thought.

– Written by Dr. Aditya Atholi, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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