homoeopathic remedies ArthritisArthritis or painful, swollen joints are a very frustrating condition which commonly affects the older age group. From never thinking about your knee earlier, you now go to a state where your knee is all you can think about. Every step that you take. Every movement that you make. Homoeopathy offers a gentle solution for your inflamed joints. Here are the top 5 homoeopathic remedies for arthritis:

Rhus Tox:

Rhus Tox is a good remedy for arthritis and pains which involve the tissues that connect a muscle to a bone (called tendons), tissues that connect two bones (called ligaments) and the sheet like covering of large muscles (called aponeurosis). Rhus Tox is known to help with arthritic pains which are better by continuously being in motion. The pains are typically increased by over exerting or over working, getting wet or being exposed to damp weather.

Kalmia Latifolia:

Kalmia is a good homoeopathic remedy for arthritis when the joints are red, swollen and hot. The pains shift their location and pass downwards through several joints or a large portion of a limb very quickly. This is also a good remedy for deltoid (the shoulder region) rheumatism especially when the right side is involved. This is also indicated in patients who have suffered from rheumatic heart disease.

Colchicum Autumnale:

Colchicum is a good remedy when the arthritis is due to gout (deposition of uric acid). The smaller joints like those of the fingers, toes and wrists are involved. Along with the pains, there is affection of the nerves, so that it becomes difficult to hold anything in one’s hands or lift one’s feet.

The patient requiring colchicum cannot bear to have the affected joint touched.

Ledum Pal:

This remedy is indicated for rheumatic pains which tend to affect the feet first and then subsequently travel upwards. This remedy is also good for gout related pains like when the ball of the great toe gets swollen. There is a cracking sensation experienced in the joints which gets worse with warmth. This remedy also gives great relief for those joint pains which are better by immersing one’s feet in cold water.

Bryonia Alba:

Bryonia is a good remedy for arthritis when there is a desire to stay absolutely still, because the slightest motion brings about pain. This homoeopathy remedy for arthritis helps knees which are stiff and painful. The affected joints are red, hot and swollen with stitching, tearing pains. This remedy is indicated when the patient cannot bear the affected joint being touched. The pains are usually worse in the warm weather.

Self Medication vs Constitutional Medicine:

While the above medicines will help for symptomatic relief, you need to visit a homoeopathic doctor who will identify the exact cause of your arthritis, advise if any further tests are needed, and will choose a customized medicine after a deeper study of your case. Even though homoeopathic medicines do not have any side effects, like all medications, they should be taken only after consulting a doctor.

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