Minor injuries develop pain and swelling that cause great discomfort which hampers our smooth routine life. So, treating these minor injuries becomes crucial. Painkillers may cause side-effects. So, if you are looking for safe side-effect-free medicines that promote our healing from within, opt for homeopathy. And, if you are wondering how Homeopathy can help you recover from minor injuries and, as a first-aid, how you can use Homeopathy, think no further. Keep reading to learn all about it.

Minor injuries with the associated pain and swelling can be very well managed with Homeopathic medicines. So, homeopathic medicines should be a part of the first-aid kit. A well-prepared first-aid kit is known to be an important tool to treat common minor injuries that you may experience at home and while one is on the go. Accidents can happen anywhere, and it is always beneficial if one is always prepared for it. Falls and blows are common in children, elderly people, and sportspersons. Homeopathic medicines will not mask the symptoms of major injuries. It will not suppress the symptoms, and, rather, homeopathy will promote healing from within naturally. Homeopathy can be safely given with the other standard medical treatment for a faster recovery. Please make a note for serious or major injuries one needs to consult a physician.

Sportspersons or athletes can use homeopathic medicines, as acute and chronic injuries are quite common among them.

Many top athletes use homeopathy for injuries and to prevent sporting ailments, such as muscular pain and aching joint, without affecting their performance. International Olympic Committee has approved the use of Homeopathic medicines in the treatment of injuries and to maintain the performance of athletes. Homeopathic medicines help the sportsperson to recover soon, continue the training, and perform soon at the highest level.

A few famous sporting superstars, such as Boris Becker, David Beckham, Kelly Slater, and many others, use Homeopathy for their injuries. A weekend warrior or seasoned athlete all can use homeopathic medicines from time to time.

Homeopathic medicine helps to stimulate the body’s healing system and helps to speed up the healing process in all types of injuries. Homeopathic medicines are not additive. These homeopathic medicines are great to have at hand at your home, and the sportsperson can carry them wherever they go.

Types of Injury:

  1. A) Soft tissue injuries:

Soft tissue injury is an injury to the skin, muscle, ligaments, and tendons resulting in sprain, strains, bruises, and tears.

  1. Sprain: The structure which is injured in sprain is a ligament, and the possible cause for ligament injury is excessive movement forcing the joint part out of its maximum range of motion or external violence.
  2. Strain: Muscle and tendons are affected in strain, and it results because of overstretching of the muscle or tendon, generally, during sudden acceleration and deceleration.

Most of the strains and sprains occur in the neck and back.

  1. Contusion (bruise or hematoma): The structure which is affected here is the skin, muscle, and tendon. The injury results due to a direct blow from a collision with a player or piece of equipment or a heavy fall.
  2. Open wound-cut, abrasion, and laceration: The affected structure is the skin, and the injury results due to a direct blow from a collision with a piece of object.
  3. B) Hard tissue injuries:

The injuries to the joints and bones resulting in fractures and dislocations are referred to as hard tissue injuries.

  1. Dislocated joints: It can occur because of the excessive movement of the joint.
  2. Fractured bones: It results due to direct trauma, such as a blow, or indirect trauma, such as falling on an outstretched hand.

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8 Best Homeopathic Remedies for Injuries

Some of the common homeopathic remedies for injuries are as below.

1) Arnica Montana:

It is a great remedy for sprains, strains, blunt injuries, and bruises. It helps treat day-to-day injuries, such as falls, blows, overuse of any organ, and shock related to accidents. It is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory and can help to reduce swelling and bruising. The one who needs arnica is really sensitive to the touch. There is a marked fear for touch and fear of being touched in injured areas indicates this medicine. It is also useful in addressing sore bruised feelings due to overexertion. One can take it internally, or one can try arnica gel by applying it topically, but make sure that there is no open wound. Arnica Montana gives miraculous results in a quick time. Arnica helps to relieve pain, inflammations, and swelling.  It is also indicated in treating mental shock. Arnica is highly useful in treating one who suffers from emotional trauma as a result of physical trauma. It is used in the early-stage or superficial stage of the injury where bruising is easily visible and parts turn bluish-black.

2) Rhus-tox:

The one thing which sets Rhus tox apart from other injury remedies is that it helps treat immense stiffness which is better with motion. If one wakes up in the morning with stiffness in the back, shoulders, and knees and gets going in the morning with a motion that relieves the stiffness, thereby making one feel better, indicates this remedy. When one experiences a lot of restlessness which turns better by the warm application and worse from cold, this homeopathic medicine is recommended. Also, when you experience strain from over-lifting, this remedy may help.

3) Ruta graveolens:

The main parts of the body which Ruta helps heal are ankles, wrists, flexor tendons, and joint cartilages. Ruta is indicated if the injury to any of these parts occurs. When the patient experiences intense pain accompanied by weariness and heaviness in the tendons and feels better by lying down, this homeopathic remedy is recommended. It is indicated for injury to tendons, ligaments, and periosteum so it can be used in Tennis elbow, a sprained wrist.

4) Symphytum officinalis:

It is often known as bone knit. If you suffer from a broken bone or fracture and once the bone is put in place, you can use Symphytum as it helps it in healing. Symphytum promotes repair of a broken bone, relieves the pain, and helps in the production of callus. This medicine can be taken along with your standard conventional medicines. Even if one is plastered, the remedy promotes the speedy union of the affected bones and promotes recovery. It helps to promote the formation of new cells and granulation of tissues needed to join bones again.

5) Ledum Palustre:

It is indicated in bruises that turn purple to yellow and better by cold compression, though you may feel cold in the injured area, and the application of the heat on it worsens the pain. It is useful in treating sprained ankles. When the ankle looks black with bruising, Ledum pal is recommended. In injuries due to sharp objects such as nails, insect bites, pointed needles, and knives, Ledum pal is indicated.

6) Cantharis:

It is indicated in thermal injury, in first and second-degree burns, to relieve the pain and promote healing. When the patient suffers from burns with blister formation resulting in burning and itching, cantharis can be given.

7) Hypericum:

Hypericum is one of the leading remedies for nerve injury. Injuries, particularly in the area which are rich in nerves, such as tailbone, hands, and feet, find this remedy beneficial. It is also indicated in minor puncture wounds and bites. It helps you get relief in the shooting pain with tingling in the parts.

8) Calendula:

Calendula is often called a Homeopathic Antiseptic. It is used in clean-cut injuries with sharp shooting pains. Calendula speeds up the healing and prevents suppuration and infection.

The information in this blog is for awareness purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor or healthcare provider. It is always good to speak to your doctor before taking any of these remedies if you have any major injury.

To summarize, Homeopathic medicines help in promoting the recovery from injuries easily, quickly, gently, and permanently. Homeopathic medicines are natural, safe, and very effective; they give quick results and are free from side effects.

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