It is quite common to experience tension headaches, particularly when one is under stress or when there is a lack of vital nutrients in the body. However, it is important to figure out whether you are experiencing just a stress headache or migraine. Migraine is a more serious condition than common headaches. It causes pounding pain, pulsing sensation on one side of the head, along with a feeling of nausea and sensitivity to the light & sound. It is a psychosomatic condition, wherein triggers such as stress, fear, grief, and other emotional responses may aggravate the condition, thereby leading to recurring headaches of varying intensity.

Several individuals with the condition experience neurological symptoms before the migraine headache take over. Symptoms could be visual disturbances, hearing sounds, tingling, heaviness, weakness, hemiparesis, or dysphasia. These symptoms are followed by a headache and nausea. Some people also experience the fear of light. The condition is known as Migraine with aura and can last for 4 hours to 72 hours.

Some people do not experience any visionary or sensory disturbances, while migraine headaches are triggered due to stress, strong light or odor, and certain emotional states. It builds up slowly & can be accompanied or followed by nausea and vomiting.

Vertigo and retinal or ophthalmological conditions may lead to certain types of migraines. There are various causes of a migraine headache; they include

  • Stress
  • Genetic reasons
  • Hormonal imbalance with high estrogen levels
  • Insomnia or general lack of sleep
  • Psychosomatic issues
  • Environmental/ external factors
  • Neurological/vascular disorders


Why One Should Opt for Homeopathic Treatment for Migraine?

Chronic migraine headaches make one go for over-the-counter medicines that are analgesics. Commonly, conventional treatment is the one-stop solution people look for. However, it is accompanied by side effects and mostly does not provide long-term permanent relief. One can always seek Alternative Medicine to treat Chronic Migraines. Homeopathy is one such treatment that works on the root cause of the illness, basically the “psyche” or the “triggers” causing migraine headaches.

A homeopathic doctor diagnoses the occurrence of migraine headaches and develops individualized homeopathic treatment based on the emotional, physical, mental & existing medical conditions. Thus, the homeopathic treatment is specific to the patient based on various factors and the severity & frequency of migraine attacks. This is why it is quite effective in treating the condition. Homeopathic treatment for chronic migraine addresses genetic factors as well as altering of chemical imbalances to treat the cause. It shows a high success rate and is devoid of any side effects. The patient can always reduce the dependency on allopathic medicines, once the healing occurs with homeopathic treatment. It might take 6 months to 2 years to completely recover from the migraine.


Lifestyle Changes That Can Help Alleviate Chronic Migraine:

Certain lifestyle changes can help manage chronic migraines, for instance, triggers that contribute to headaches can be avoided. The triggers could be certain food, alcohol, spending too much time in the bright sunlight, weather changes, hormonal changes, caffeine, and certain medications. Also, one can always journal the causes, for instance, when an attack happens, and can consult a homeopathic doctor on how to manage triggers well.

A migraine patient must make sure not to avoid meals and should not put a strain on the eyes, as it might worsen the condition. Care must be taken to avoid loud noises & anything causing tension or stress. Also, sleeping on time and sipping on water from time to time will help manage the symptoms well along with the regular homeopathic treatment for chronic migraine. Here are some suggestions to reduce the intensity & frequency of chronic migraines:

  1. Practice Yoga: Deep breathing and meditation help you feel relaxed. It improves your mood & reduces your stress levels. One can practice Hatha Yoga to start with breathing exercises followed by gentle bodily movements and end with calm meditation.
  1. Go for Massages: Massages help ease the blood flow in the body, thereby relieving you of stress & tension. It works on tensed muscles of the head, neck, & shoulders easing the muscle tension. This helps soothe migraine headaches for a long span.
  1. Follow Cognitive Behavior Therapy: The therapy helps you calm down or be de-stressed. Following it helps you change the thought pattern, thereby helping ease pain resulting due to chronic migraine.
  1. Opt for Aromatherapy: Peppermint, Lavender, Rosemary, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Sage are some essential oils that can be used to relieve headaches by massaging them on your temples and forehead. Also, it helps ease bronchitis and allergic reactions. 
  1. Dietary modifications: Certain diet changes can be made wherein citrus fruits, alcohol, iced drinks, processed foods, pickles, buttermilk, & sour cream must be avoided as these may act as triggers. Foods such as ginger and a diet rich in magnesium & Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) such as sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews, peanut butter, almonds, oats, eggs & milk should be included in the diet to relieve you of chronic headaches.

In the case of chronic migraines, it is challenging to manage recurring pounding pain. We recommend you consult a homeopath for homeopathic treatment of chronic migraines. Homeopathy is not only highly effective but also gentle and safe and causes no side effects. So, if you happen to suffer from chronic migraine, go for homeopathic treatment for migraine and obtain immense relief without any concerns.

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