Eczema is a skin disease characterized by dry skin with severe itching and red rashes. It is common in children, infants and adults.

Effect of food in Eeczema Sufferers

There is a direct link between food allergies and eczema. People, who have allergy against certain food, aggravate the eczema if they eat such kind of food.

Suggested diet for Eczema sufferers:

  • Probiotics: Probiotics are a kind of live bacteria. They are found in yogurt and curd. It is found that people who include Probiotics in their diet find relief in eczema symptoms.
  • Tea: some studies have shown that drinking black and green tea has a soothing effect on eczematic condition.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids: They are known for their wonderful effects on skin. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in some nuts like walnuts, flax seeds, some fish oil like cod liver oil etc. Do take these fatty acids regularly and you can get relief from eczema.
  • Healthy diet: Researches have shown that including lots of fruits, fresh vegetables and whole grains can substantially improve skin conditions and thereby give relief to eczema symptoms.

Foods to avoid by Eczema sufferers:

  • High fat content in food: patients of eczema should avoid taking lot of oily, spicy food. This kind of food is known to aggravate the condition.
  • Junk food: junk should be avoided by eczema patients, as junk food increase free radicals in the body which in turn aggravate the skin condition.
  • Dairy products: few studies show that high fat dairy products when avoided by the patients of eczema had a beneficiary effect on the disease.

So this is a general guideline for eczema patients who include a good food for eczema and foods to be avoided by eczema patients.

At Life Force Homeopathy, Dr Rajesh Shah has treated thousands of patients of atopic dermatitis successfully over a period of 30 years. With his treatment patients who were taking conventional medicines for a long time are now living a reasonably healthy life.

He firmly believes that with above diet tips and proper homeopathic treatment patients can find huge relief from atopic dermatitis or eczema.

Here are the few testimonials of the patients treated by Dr Rajesh Shah at Life Force.

Pradnya Palwankar, Mother of Anushka, Singapore

My daughter has been suffering from Atopic Dermatitis since she was 1 month old. Allopathic treatments stopped working after few years. I started medicine from Life Force when her eczema was very severe. She has shown steady progress and now after two years of treatment her eczema is nearly cured. She has started enjoying a very healthy life.

Thanks entirely to Dr. Shah!!!


Within 6 to 7 weeks all symptoms were gone and I stopped taking it. Several months passed away with no symptoms. I had some slight symptoms itching and only some slight redness. I noticed immediate improvement. I am currently not experiencing any symptoms. The eczema has greatly improved. I am VERY grateful to you, Dr. Shah. I want to restart and continue with the treatment for best results.


Diet needs could vary from person to person and patients to patients. Please coordinate with your local doctor if the suggested diet is suitable for you.

Eczema Case Photos: Eczema Patient’s Before & After Treament Pictures at Life Force:

Eczema treatment photos

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