Lichen Planus is a chronic, inflammatory, non-infectious skin disorder. The exact cause of developing the disease is not known.

The conventional way of treatment offers the use of cortisone for treating Lichen Planus. They are given in the form of local applications and oral drugs to the patients suffering from the Lichen Planus.

Dr Rajesh Shah, MD, Life Force, firmly believes that the conventional mode of treatment which recommends cortisone for Lichen Planus does not offer a complete solution.

Cortisone just suppresses the disease for some time and after sometime the disease appears again, may be on the same body part or the other.

It is also seen that when the patient is treated by cortisone once and when he suffers from the same disease again, the severity of the disease in terms of symptoms becomes more intense.

Patients of Lichen Planus, who are put on regular uses of oral cortisone become drug dependent and eventually, the dose of cortisone has to be increased by the treating doctor.

Cortisone itself gives rise to many side effects like, weight gain, moon face, diabetes, increased susceptibility to infections, muscle weakness, osteoporosis, mood swings, depression, loss of stamina etc. Thus, patient has to suffer from not only Lichen Planus but also has to experience other side effects and symptoms of other diseases also.

It is also seen that homeopathic medicines when given to patients who are put on cortisone for a long time take a longer time to show positive results and respond to homeopathic treatment.

Thus, considering above factors it is evident that really speaking cortisone is not very useful in the treatment of Lichen Planus.

The development of Lichen Planus is the result of deranged immune system and has a genetic link also. Role of homeopathy in the treatment of Lichen Planus is very important and significant.

Homeopathic medicines correct the deranged immune system and bring the cure from within.  Homeopathic medicines also try to correct and treat the genetic tendency. Such cases which are treated by homeopathic medicines experience a long term relief from the disease.

But, the fact is homeopathic medicine should be given by an extremely efficient and experienced and qualified homeopath. The homeopathic medicines should be given after a detailed case study, a detailed case analysis, understanding the mental and emotional symptoms of the patient and by understanding complete modality of the disease.

This extensive method of case study is called the conventional mode of treatment in homeopathy. And at Life Force patients are treated after an extensive and deep case study as mentioned above.

Dr Rajesh Shah, MD, Life Force, has treated the patients of Lichen Planus from across the globe since last 30 years. He has treated and documented over 3500 cases of Lichen Planus from almost 163 countries.

He firmly believes that in order to achieve long lasting cure of the Lichen Planus without side effects and keeping up overall good health of the patient, homeopathic medicines should be given for the treatment of Lichen Planus and the role of cortisone is very limited in the long term treatment of Lichen Planus.

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I have got a very good experience. The Doctor cured my skin very nicely. I am glad to see my leg like it was before. It is very good and cured nicely. So, thank you Life Force and Dr. Shah.

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Lichen Planus Before After Treatment Photos of Patients at Life Force:


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