“Can I recover from lichen planus?” This is a very common question that most patients ask when they approach us with the symptoms of Lichen Planus. Many people worldwide are affected by lichen planus and do not even know about it.

Well, for those who have recently been diagnosed with the skin condition, it is important to know that lichen planus is an inflammatory auto-immune condition affecting the skin.

Most of us are very sensitive when it comes to skincare. We do our level best to protect and maintain our skin. But, some disorders cannot be controlled by skincare and need expert treatment. Well, you are connected at the right place and at the right time. We, at Life Force Homeopathy, will provide you with some exclusive insights into lichen planus in this blog. During our regular practice, we take pleasure in providing you with an effective, customized homeopathic treatment that would suit you the best for the best positive results. We have treated a plethora of patients affected by Lichen planus. Our exclusive treatment focuses on lichen planus treatment to provide holistic skin health for a better future with good recovery.


Learn about the basics of Lichen Planus

Let us tell you about the 6 Ps of Lichen Planus which you must not ignore.

  • Pruritic
  • Polygonal
  • Planar
  • Purple
  • Papules
  • Plaques


Well, it does not just end as it seems too easy to spot with these 6Ps of Lichen planus. You require a special expert touch to help heal your skin. Homeopathy works wonders in treating chronic cases of lichen planus.


Can Homeopathy Promote Recovery from Lichen Planus?

If you have any of these above symptoms, it’s time to consult an expert professional homeopathy doctor to treat it from its root and eliminate it.

Well, you might have visited your dermatologist with these symptoms and you might have been explained by the dermatologist that there is no cure whatsoever. Or maybe you might have been prescribed several steroidal creams to apply but you didn’t get relief. Well, in such cases, it is important to be aware that homeopathy can treat Lichen Planus and get started with it right away!! Early detection paves the way for good health and recovery.


What is Lichen Planus ?

Medically speaking, Lichen Planus is a cell-mediated immune response of an unknown origin. It may result due to altered immunity, or it may be gene-related in some cases. It is a relatively common disease of skin nowadays. Its onset can be gradual or quick. The triggering factors could be stress, genetic, infective response, or immunological response.


Characteristic Symptoms of Lichen Planus

  • Lichen Planus is shiny, flat-topped bumps
  • There is purple discoloration of the skin
  • There is a lot of itching with or without bleeding
  • It may be located in one or multiple parts of the body
  • It may be present inside the mouth called “Oral Lichen Planus”
  • It may be present in the genitalia
  • It may be present on the scalp called “Lichen Planopilaris”
  • It may involve the toenails
  • It may be mild, moderate, or severe hypertrophic.


Is there a solution for Lichen Planus?

Yes, you can choose homeopathy treatment for Lichen Planus which works best by rectifying the immunity and identifying and correcting the root cause. Initially, taking homeopathy will give your relief from the burning and itching sensation which is also termed ‘symptomatic relief’. So, if you have been taking steroids and antihistaminics with no relief, it’s time to think of Homeopathy. Life Force has expertise in treating chronic cases of lichen planus and will help you win the battle with lichen planus through homeopathic treatment. Get in touch with one of our expert team of doctors at Life Force Homeopathy today and get started with our homeopathic treatment to find relief from Lichen Planus


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