Winters are here! With chilly mornings and cozy dark evenings, let’s not forget the host of health issues that crop up in the winter. Right from the skin to respiratory health, the winter season can affect various body systems and take a toll on health. In the winter, there is a higher risk of respiratory issues that may cause recurrent episodes of cold and cough. Well, that’s not all! If you have been battling respiratory issues, then you might be aware that the winter season happens to trigger respiratory problems. One such respiratory problem which needs close attention this winter 2023 is ASTHMA.


Let us kickstart this blog with an effective solution for asthma by choosing homeopathy for asthma. Here the question that you may have in your mind is – Can Homeopathy Help in Providing Relief From Asthma? The answer is simple – YES, homeopathy can help in providing relief from asthma. Scroll down to know more about how homeopathy works in providing relief from asthma.

Facts about Asthma in India

Did you know over 90% of asthma patients are dependent on inhalers and puffs to battle asthma? As per research statistics for the year 2022, it has been estimated that 34.3 million asthmatics in India constitute a total of 12.9% of the global 262 million asthmatic cases. This count increases every year during the winter season, particularly among children leading to childhood asthma.


Wondering what causes asthma and how can it affect you? Let us check out the next part of this blog.

How does asthma occur?

When we think about asthma, allergy is the first thing that comes to our mind. Well, there is more than an allergy when it comes to ASTHMA! To understand how asthma occurs, it is important to know the normal breathing mechanism which takes place in our body through airway passage. The airway passage works right from the nose-mouth- throat- lungs. Air passes through this passage to deliver oxygen elements to all parts of the body through the bloodstream. When these airway passages get inflamed, it leads to an asthmatic attack leading to –


  • Inflammation or swelling of the airways
  • Chest muscle tightness
  • Deposition of mucus in the airways
  • Reduction of the amount of oxygen one can breathe in


This sounds like a typical asthmatic attack which may lead you to gasp for breath. Eventually, one may grab an inhaler to get relief from the asthmatic attack.


If you are tired of turning to inhalers and puffs to relieve asthmatic attacks, it’s time to switch over to homeopathy for asthma which helps in reducing the frequency, duration, and severity of asthma.


Want to know how homeopathy helps in relieving asthma? Scroll down further!

Homeopathy for Asthma Treatment

Chronic asthma cases respond well to homeopathic medicines. Asthma can be controlled by homeopathy, as it helps reduce the recurrence of asthmatic attacks. This helps you in reducing your dependency on conventional inhalers and puffs. You can slowly taper off the usage of the inhalers under the guidance of the best homeopathy doctor to enjoy an asthma-free life with homeopathy. Reducing the recurrence of asthmatic attacks will make you more confident in dealing with asthma in the right way.


Effective oxygen supply is essential for the body to help enhance the normal functioning of all systems. Asthma can affect breathing which not only hampers lung functioning but also affects adversely other functioning mechanisms from cognition to digestion.


Asthma is considered an incurable disease; however, symptoms can be managed well with the best treatment for asthma. In conventional treatment, inhalers are considered the best option to provide instant relief to the patient which has been practiced for ages. With new scientific advancements in homeopathy, there are many effective solutions to manage and control asthma in the right manner to achieve an asthma-free healthy life.


Homeopathy for asthma offers a permanent, long-term, and effective solution. Combining homeopathy and allopathy can work wonders in reducing the dependency on inhalers, frequency, duration, and severity of asthma. Let us not forget that an asthmatic attack is not only a life-threatening distressful situation ranging from mild to moderate intensity but can also deteriorate the quality of daily life. YES! Asthma can affect daily routine activities hampering the quality of life. Concerned about asthma? Get in touch with us at Life Force and allow us to provide you with an effective solution for asthma.


If you are living with asthma, it’s time to put an end to your suffering with homeopathic treatment for asthma. Homeopathy can not only help in relieving the symptoms of asthma but also plays an important role in the management of asthma. Thinking about how to find the best homeopathic clinic for asthma? Well, your search ends here with Life Force Homeopathy all set to help you to obtain relief naturally and gently.


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