fatty-healthy-liverYou may have come across this term “Fatty liver” many times. It is very common and many individuals may not be aware of it for the rest of their life. It is scaring for most of the individuals to hear this term. Most of the times fatty liver get diagnosed accidentally in routine investigations or when one goes for a sonography for some other illness. A fatty liver does not produce symptoms in most individuals, especially when it is stable and has recently started. There are individuals who have a fatty liver and remains with them for the rest of their lives. In some, it may get transformed into a greater illness.

The liver is the largest organ our body. It is responsible for carrying out multiple functions at a given time. It has its own digestion, metabolism, storage, secretion and immune mediating function. The liver carries all these functions in sync, but when this sync and rhythm is disturbed it may give rise to fatty liver.

What is a fatty liver?

Fatty liver is also called as hepatic steatosis. A fully developed disease with a cluster of symptoms is called as a fatty liver disease. As the name suggests, in simple terms fatty liver is the accumulation of fat in the liver. About five to ten percent of the weight of liver includes the amount of fat in the liver. The fat in the liver may keep building up which leads to various grades of fatty liver.

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How can one get rid of his fatty liver?

Fatty liver is a reversible condition provided one knows which grade he or she belongs to. Sonography of the complete abdomen can give you a fair idea about the grade and status of your liver at the beginning. There are various causes of fatty liver which if cured and treated can help you get rid of fatty liver.


  • Drinking alcohol heavily is probably the most common cause which gives rise to fatty liver. The fat which cannot be metabolized by the liver starts accumulating. Alcohol if not controlled on time may give rise to a full-blown alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Besides alcohol, obesity is another maintaining cause
  • High cholesterol (hyperlipidemia)
  • Diabetes
  • Genetic link, if anyone in the immediate family had fatty liver, you may have it too
  • Rapid weight loss due to some illness (like malnutrition) or medications
  • There are medicines which have their own side effects. Medicines like aspirin, steroids, methotrexate, temofaxine etc affect the liver drastically.
  • Fatty liver may also be evident in sonography during pregnancy, but it wanes off gradually after delivery.


No medications will help you get rid of fatty liver completely. No doctor will prescribe you medicines just to treat the fatty liver. However, he may give you some medications in order to support the therapy. If ask me about the treatment, I can explain it in two words, “Self-actualisation”. Yes, getting to know yourself and having a clarity about your day to day activities itself will give you an answer for your queries related to fatty liver. Things which you do during the day like eating, working, playing, sleeping etc, may be just a routine for you. Individuals may do something unknowingly or somethings just may be overlooked due to sheer negligence.

An alert mind about your daily routine is an essential thing one should possess. There will be no other therapy like self-actualisation that will make you realize the things which you do and the things which you should. Few practical things one should keep it in mind if one wants to completely get rid of fatty liver


  • Decide and target to avoid alcohol
  • Have a healthy lifestyle by eating hygienic food and exercising regularly
  • Avoid eating junk and fatty foods
  • Drink lots of fluids
  • Avoid self-medication, always consult your physician in case of any illness
  • Watch your blood sugar levels
  • Maintain your weight, by maintaining it does not mean maintaining weight even if it is on a high scale. Rather evaluating your weight according to the height and weight scale. Obesity is an enemy for the liver
  • Replace heavy proteins like red meat with lean proteins like chicken and fish.


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Home solutions for a fatty liver

Many individuals with a fatty liver can find the best solutions even at home rather than seeing a dietician. A keen and watchful mind can definitely help you getting a healthier and fat-free liver. Remember detoxication is always better than intoxication. Following tips may guide you to a healthy liver:-

  1. Drink green tea- Green tea is full of antioxidants which release free radicals from the body and help cleanse the system. You can prepare green tea at home with a mixture of normal tea powder along with dried tulsi, dried mint leaves, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and lemon. Bring it to a boil. Do not add sugar. Green tea is a good fat burner and helps reduce weight.
  2. Apple cider vinegar- This vinegar has its owns cleansing properties. It promotes weight loss and flushes out unwanted fat from the liver. Drink apple cider vinegar daily before your meals. Add two teaspoonfuls of apple cider vinegar to one glass warm water. You can also add honey if you wish. Drinking this daily will give you best results in your sonography.
  3. Lemon- Lemon is one of the best cleansers. It contains good amounts of vitamin C which help in enzyme building and supports liver for smooth functioning. Intake of lemon helps produce the enzyme glutathione. This enzyme further helps liver with detoxification. So drink lemon water everyday in the morning for at least six to seven months after the diagnosis.
  4. Turmeric (Haldi)- Turmeric or Haldi is one such spice which helps in recovering the liver. It acts as a support system for aiding the liver in eliminating excess of fats accumulated in it. It is well known as a natural healer. Hence, drink turmeric water or turmeric milk everyday by adding a half teaspoon of turmeric in half cup of warm milk or water.
  5. High colored vegetables- High colored vegetables like purple cabbage, green , yellow or red capsicum, cherries, carrots, beetroot etc are rich in vitamins and minerals which are the rescue system for a fatty liver. Eat at least one high colored food during the day in a salad form, soup form or just like that is always better. Remember always eat them raw. You can always sit with a bowl of salads after your workouts because that’s the time when your body really needs something nutritious. Post workout is the best time for absorption of essential nutrients.
  6. Flush with fluids- Fluids and your digestive system are best friends. So, do not forget them. Water is the best fluid. Others fluids like coconut water, buttermilk, honey, homemade vegetable broths, chicken soups also have a healing effect. Having at least half a liter water in morning after waking up. This helps activate all organs and helps them built up metabolism for the day. Fluids always help in cleaning up and flush out the toxins from the hepatic system. Unwanted fat may pass out in the stools as these fluids being rich in delicate fibers. This is the best detox which can be done daily.

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These were some home solutions for fatty liver which are so healthy, easy and above all pocket-friendly. You can opt for your favorite detox remedy and start it right away on daily basis. The best time for the detox is practically anytime but should be done whenever you feel guilty of eating too much outside food or if you have attended a bunch of parties. Keep a check on your liver by going for regular blood tests or sonography. Seek medical advice if in doubt. So get your detox done to get a healthier liver.

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– Written by Dr. Kanchan Gohil, Associate Doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, Team LifeForce

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