Obesity is a disease which is spreading around the world and causing a lot a problem. It can lead to chronic diseases related to high blood pressure problems and increased blood sugar levels with defective metabolism and may cause hormonal imbalance and thyroid problems that need to be taken care of. Obese people are at a higher risk of developing metabolic diseases and cardiac health issues.

So, you need to achieve appropriate weight loss correctly by avoiding certain foods and opting for the right foods that stimulate metabolism. It is essential to have a healthy body with ideal weight, as it helps your body to work harmoniously and in a coordinated manner. You need to eat well so that a sufficient amount of energy is supplied to your body at regular intervals that help in achieving effective metabolism. So, go for foods that support the mind and body functioning and holistic approach in treating your body.


Here are some foods that help you best obesity effectively and easily.


  1. Power Pair:

Make sure that you pair up your foods with a good amount of dry fruits, such as almond and walnuts, which are not only good for your brain but also contain essential minerals that help in the effective and proper functioning of your body. Dry fruits are expensive but when paired up with your regular meals fulfill the daily energy requirements of your body. So, power pair it with your lunch, breakfast, and dinner, as they serve as a great source of minerals. Understand and listen to your body. It requires essential minerals which are the topmost priority of the body. When it comes to slimming down, two or more foods can best suit for POWER PAIR. As a team, they help you fend off the hunger, stay full longer, and burn fat and calories more effectively than how they would impact alone.


  1. Avocado and Dark Green Leafy Vegetables:

Spinach or kale salad is low in calories and high in nutrients, but it can leave you wanting for more. Top this healthy salad with avocado to make it more filling. It may make you feel full, as it contains good fat. Avocado helps you absorb more nutrients along with disease-fighting agents.


  1. Chicken and Cayenne Pepper:

Chicken breast is known for being good for weight loss and health benefits. Proteins in it take longer to digest and helps you stay full. Spice up this dinner staple with a sauce made using cayenne pepper. It will boost your calorie burn and make you feel less hungry.


  1. Oatmeal and Walnuts:

Eating walnuts and oatmeal or any other fiber-rich food is the simplest way to slim down. Simply adding fiber to your diet can lead to weight loss, that’s because your body can breakdown fiber so it slows down the digestion and takes up space in your stomach. Walnuts are a good source of protein, and this crunchy food is not only tasty but also serves as an important source of minerals for the brain.


  1. Eggs, Black Beans, and Pepper:

Start your day with protein-power-packed breakfast. According to the American College of Nutrition, people who have filling breakfast ate less the rest of the day. Black beans and peppers make your morning meal more filling. Thanks to the double dose of fiber.


  1. Bean and Vegetable Soup:

Add broth-based vegetable soup to your lunch and dinner. The liquid fills the stomach leaving less room for a high-calorie diet. This liquid-based broth fills your stomach leaving less room for a calorie-based diet. Stirring the beans, such as black beans or chickpeas, imparts it more power, as they are rich in fiber and protein.


  1. Streak and Broccoli:

Too tired to hit the gym, this meal can help you out because it is high in protein and iron. Meat is a good source of iron. Broccoli is the perfect food to have because it helps in the absorption of iron.


  1. Green Tea and Lemon:

Such an evening snack is good to stimulate your metabolism, comprises low calorie, and is full of antioxidants called catechins which may help you burn calories and fat. Drinking 4 cups of green tea every day may help in reducing your weight.


  1. Yogurt and Blueberries:

Creamy yogurt helps you burn fat, and blueberries offer a good quantity of vitamins. Together yogurt and blueberries serve as a great and healthy dessert with sweetness. So, have it in your diet.


  1. Stirred Veggies in Olive Oil:

A mini-meal comprising stirred vegetables for lunch is a good source of nutrition. Try it with a dash of olive oil to lose weight.


So, try these small meals for weight loss to fight out obesity, if you are gaining weight, and try to curb your cravings.

  • Written by Dr. Rati Parwani, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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