adhdPriyanka was taken aback when her four year old son’s teacher asked her to meet the school counselor, “Your son may be suffering from signs of  ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.”

“So what if my son is a little disorganized and forgetful? Those are just harmless personality traits that he has picked up from me!” thought Priyanka. However, after her visit to the Counselor, Priyanka began wondering if she herself had had ADHD all along!

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is not just a condition affecting children. Many adults are realizing that this condition was quite unknown when they were younger. Also, many people did suffer from these symptoms of ADHD as a child, but it did not hamper their routine activities. However, now as adults with increased responsibilities, they are no longer able to overcome these challenges at work and home.

Below are the common signs of ADHD in adults. Not everyone has all the symptoms of ADHD and each ADHD may be individually different.

#1 Sign of ADHD in Adults: Concentration Problems:

  • You have trouble ‘staying with’ a conversation or have poor listening skills.
  • You get distracted easily, have difficulty with maintaining attention or often end up with multiple incomplete tasks.
  • You tend to overlook details which may lead to mistakes.

#2 Sign of ADD in Adults: Disorganization:

  • You are always late, have trouble beginning projects and tend to procrastinate.
  • You often forget about your appointments or deadlines
  • You often realize that you have underestimated the time needed for a particular task
  • You are frequently misplacing your keys or mobile phone or wallet and tend to have a messy work desk or cupboard

#3 Sign of Adulthood ADHD: Impulsiveness:

  • You often find yourself blurting out thoughts or interrupting others or commenting without much prior thought.
  • You often act spontaneously without considering the consequences or risks or rush through tasks before reading the instructions or are a reckless driver.
  • You tend to have addictions and poor self control

#4 Sign of ADHD in Adulthood: Hyperfocus:

  • You tend to become absorbed in work that you find stimulating (a book / a TV serial / the internet)
  • You often lose track of time that you become ignorant of everything around, even neglecting the work you are supposed to be doing.

#5 Sign of Adulthood ADD: Restlessness:

  • You may experience subtle symptoms like inner feeling of restlessness or racing of thoughts or craving  excitement
  • You may find yourself talking excessively, doing a dozen things at once or fidgeting constantly

#6 Sign of ADD in Adulthood: Emotional Problems:

  • You may find yourself feeling frustrated or having mood swings
  • You may have a feeling of under-achievement or low self esteem

If you have experienced just one or two of the above symptoms recently, do not assume that you have ADHD. You will be labeled with ADHD only if these symptoms have been affecting more than one area of your life and can be traced back to your childhood. If you suspect that you have symptoms of Adulthood ADHD, do visit your doctor today to find out if you need treatment for ADHD. Homoeopathy for ADD offers a very scope in helping you gain better control of your ADD symptoms.

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