Are you experiencing excruciating pain in your facial area often? Has electric-shock-like pain has hampered your quality of life? If yes, you might be suffering from trigeminal neuralgia. And, if you are wondering what trigeminal neuralgia is and how you can manage the condition to get relief from its discomforting pain, think no further. Keep reading to learn all about it.

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What is Trigeminal Neuralgia?
Trigeminal neuralgia is the disorder of the Trigeminal nerve characterized by excruciating, periodical short-lasting pain in the areas of the face where the branches of the nerve are distributed, such as the eyes, forehead, scalp, nose, upper jaw, lips, and lower jaw. It is often called ‘Suicide disease’, as no other disorder that humans experience is more distressing than the highly painful Trigeminal Neuralgia.
There are no particular guidelines to prevent the occurrence of Trigeminal neuralgia pain. Also, it is important to note that all the patients may not respond equally to all the treatment modalities. However, following some tips may help to avert the frequency of episodes:
10 Helpful Tips To Prevent Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain:
1.Avoid Exposure To A Draft Of Cold Air & Air Conditioner: The wind, draft of air, the breeze of AC, or sleeping under the fan for a long time can trigger trigeminal neuralgia pain. So, avoid sitting near an open window. Avoid using AC throughout the night, as it may aggravate pain in the night or on waking up.

2.Identify Your Trigger: Identifying the triggers and avoiding them can be the key to minimize or prevent episodes of trigeminal neuralgia. It will be useful to maintain a symptom diary to make a note of the triggering factors that set the pain off. Once you identify the trigger factors, it will help you to avoid the pain by avoiding the triggers wherever possible. For instance, washing the face, brushing, chewing, kissing, putting on makeup, smiling, eating hot, cold, or spicy food, vibration from walking, vibration on a car journey, head movements, and loud sound are some of the triggers of trigeminal neuralgia pain that you can avoid to prevent the pain.

3.Maintain Oral Hygiene: Maintain oral cavity hygiene to avoid dental caries, as any dental procedure may aggravate the pain.

4.Apply Pressure To The Painful Area: Though the slightest touch, as gentle as a breath of wind, can aggravate Trigeminal neuralgia, it is found that, in some patients, applying pressure to the painful area can help to relieve the pain.

5.Eat Carefully To Avoid The Pain: Eating hard foods is a challenge for trigeminal neuralgia patients. So, you can stick to the soft food diet. Chew the food slowly to avoid the discomforting sharp pain.

6.Apply Hot Compress: A hot compress can help to alleviate the pain of trigeminal neuralgia temporarily.

7.Avoid Sudden Jerky Facial Movements: Sudden, jerky movements of the face may trigger pain. So, avoid sudden facial movements, such as looking suddenly sideways or turning back while driving the car.

8.Do Not Brush Or Gargle As Soon As You Wake Up: As soon as you wake up, avoid brushing or gargling. Wait for 15 minutes to allow your nerves to get settled and then brush your teeth.

9.Save Your Mind: Avoid stress. People with trigeminal neuralgia have been found to have an increased incidence of sleep disturbances, anxiety, and depression. Share your thoughts and feelings with your loved ones. Make sure that you take time out for relaxation. Breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation can help reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

10.Have Vitamin B12 Supplements: Vitamin B12 is quite useful for patients with neuropathic pain. So, consult your doctor and have vitamin B12 supplements.
If any time you happen to suffer from Trigeminal neuralgia, these are some tips, which will help to ease your pain. Also, you can count on homeopathy to treat trigeminal neuralgia effectively and safely with no side-effects. Homeopathy offers long-lasting relief and causes no dependency on drugs. So, get in touch with us at Life Force Homeopathy if any time you happen to suffer from trigeminal neuralgia.

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