Are you experiencing pain in the rectum? Do you experience pain and discomfort in the anal region? If yes, you might be suffering from hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are one of discomforting conditions that bother several individuals worldwide. Fortunately, homeopathy has remedies to treat the condition naturally, effectively, and safely without any side effects. And, if you are wondering how homeopathy helps treat hemorrhoids, here are some homeopathic remedies for piles. Keep reading to learn all about them.

10 Best Homeopathic Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Here are the 10 best homeopathic medicines for hemorrhoids that can provide you relief from discomfort.

  1. Nux vomica

Individuals suffering from constipation with frequent ineffectual urging and incomplete, and unsatisfactory feelings as if part remained from being expelled can find this remedy helpful. Constriction of the rectum, irregular, peristaltic action causing a frequent ineffectual desire for passing the stool but ending up passing small quantities at each attempt indicate Nux vomica. The absence of all desire for defecation is a contra-indication. This remedy also helps in treating discomforting conditions, such as alternate constipation and diarrhoea after abuse of purgatives, urge to stool felt throughout the abdomen, itching, blind hemorrhoids with ineffectual urging to stool, and very painful condition after drastic drugs. Diarrhea after a debauch turns worse in the morning, frequent small evacuations, and scanty stool with much urging indicate this medicine. It can also help treat dysentery wherein stools relieve pains for a time, constant uneasiness in the rectum, and diarrhea with jaundice.

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  1. Sulfur

The patients with symptoms, such as itching and burning of anus piles dependent upon abdominal plethora, frequent, unsuccessful desire to pass stool, and hard, knotty, and insufficient stool, may find this remedy helpful. The child afraid on account of the pain has redness around the anus along with itching may find this medicine beneficial. Morning diarrhea that drives out of the bed with prolapsus recti and Hemorrhoids that are oozing and belching indicate this remedy.


  1. Hamamelis Virg

Hemorrhages, varicose veins, venous congestion, and hemorrhoids with bruised soreness of the affected parts happen to be the unique indication of this remedy. It acts upon the coats of the veins causing relaxation with consequent engorgement. This remedy helps treat passive venous hemorrhages from any part and is quite effective in treating open, painful wounds and weakness from occurring due to a loss of blood. After operations, it supersedes the use of morphia. Soreness and raw feeling in the anus, hemorrhoids bleeding profusely with soreness, dysentery, and pulsation in rectum indicate this remedy.


  1. Aloe socrotina

This homeopathic remedy helps treat the constant bearing down in the rectum, bleeding, soreness, and heat sensation which is relieved by the cold water, the feeling of weakness and loss of power of sphincter ani, and the sense of insecurity in the rectum when passing flatus. Uncertain whether gas or stool may be present. Stool passes without effort almost unnoticed. Lumpy, watery stool, jelly-like stools with soreness in the rectum after passing the stool, and a lot of mucus with pain in the rectum after passing stool indicate this medicine. Hemorrhoids protrude like grapes quite sore and tender indicate this remedy. When the patient complains of the burning in the anus and rectum that gets better with the cold-water application, constipation with heavy pressure in the lower part of the abdomen, and diarrhea from beer, this medicine is recommended.


      5. Kali carb

Hemorrhoids with symptoms, such as large, difficult stools with stitching pain an hour before and large, swollen, painful hemorrhoids, indicate this remedy. Kali carb can also treat the itching and ulcerated pimples around the anus and plenty of discharge of blood with natural stool. Also, pain in hemorrhoids when coughing, burning in the rectum and anus, easy prolapses, and itching anus indicates this medicine.


  1. Muriatic acid

Hemorrhoids protruding like a bunch of grapes, swollen and blue with burning and soreness indicate Muriatic acid. When the patient complains of ulcers on the genitals with putrid discharges and much sensitiveness and general weakness, this medicine is recommended.


  1. Aesculus Hipp

Symptoms, such as dry, aching, feeling of full of small sticks, sore and raw anus raw, much pain after passing stool with prolapse, and hemorrhoids with sharp shooting pains up the back indicate this remedy. It also helps treat the piles which turn worse during climacteric. Large, hard, and dry stools, mucous membrane seems swollen and obstructs the passage, irritation resulting due to ascarids and aids their expulsion, and the burning in the anus with chills up and down back indicate Aesculus Hipp.


  1. Alumina

Hemorrhoid patients with passing stools that are hard dry and suffer from sore, dry, inflamed, and bleeding rectum and itching and burning at the anus may find Alumina helpful. When even a soft stool is passed with difficulty, great straining, this medicine is indicated. Constipation in infants and old people from inactive rectum and women of the very sedentary habit can be treated with this medicine. Diarrhea on urinating and evacuation preceded by painful urging long before passing the stool and then straining at stool indicate this medicine.


  1. Paeonia

Biting and itching in the anus, swollen orifice, burning in the anus after stool, and then internal chilliness indicates this remedy. Paeonia also treats fistula ani, diarrhea with anal burning and internal chilliness, painful ulcer oozing offensive moisture on the perineum. Hemorrhoids, fissures, ulceration of the anus, and perineum that turn purple and covered with crusts can be treated with this medicine. When the patient suffers from atrocious pains with and after each stool and sudden, pasty diarrhea with faintness in the abdomen, Paeonia is recommended.


  1. Collinsonia

Hemorrhoids patients experiencing the sensation of sharp sticks in the rectum, a sense of constriction, and vascular engorgement of the rectum may find this remedy helpful. Most obstinate constipation which occurs along with protruding hemorrhoids, aching in the hypogastrium and anus, passing of dry faeces, constipation in the pregnancy with membranous dysmenorrhea following labour, painful bleeding hemorrhoids, and dysentery with tenesmus indicate this remedy. Alternate constipation and diarrhea, great flatulence, and itching of the anus indicate this medicine.


These are the most commonly used 10 remedies for hemorrhoids. I hope my blog is informative.

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